Author: Lauren Rose

Is There a Right Way?

10 Jan 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

What’s the right way to reach your goal? Is there a right way? I’m no doctor, but I do have my own theories about how I can reach my 2019 goal. I vow every January that I will lose weight and get healthier; be more active. Every…

Holiday Blues

10 Dec 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Christmas is a favorite holiday for many, including myself. Every year, once Thanksgiving hits, I’m already searching for the perfect tree and bringing down all the decorations from the attic. I look forward to being in the Christmas spirit; listening to Christmas music, wrapping gifts, decorating the…

Procrastination: Is it that bad?

10 Nov 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Self-Care

Procrastination. It could be my middle name. I procrastinate all the time; every task. I’m late for everything. When packing for vacation, I’m always forgetting something because I wait until the last minute to pack. I’ve grown up with the understanding that procrastination is a bad thing….

Paying It Forward

10 Oct 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Have you ever heard of the phrase “paying it foreward?” It’s a concept where someone does something nice for someone else, where the reason for doing so is completely selfless and done just to benefit that other person. It’s this idea that altruism, a concern…

Writing for Healing

10 Sep 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

This month I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about. It crossed my mind to talk about school starting, since many of us can relate, whether we have kids ourselves or know someone who has kids. But kids aren’t the only students taking…

Are you a Worrywart?

10 Aug 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Are you a worrywart? Yes, I have to say I’m a worrier. But when I looked up the definition of “worrywart,” I thought to myself, “No, no, this doesn’t sound like me.” According to, a worrywart is “a person who tends to worry habitually and often…

Is Being Too Nice a Bad Thing?

10 Jul 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

This is not the first time I’ve acknowledged this, but I hate how nice of a person I am. I know that sounds crazy, but the nicer I am, the more I feel like I’m taken advantage of. I’m not talking about myself in a boastful manner…

What to Expect as a Father

10 Jun 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Inspired by Father’s Day, I thought it might be interesting to dig into some research associated with fatherhood. We all know that women experience a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy and after having a child. But have you thought about the changes that men…

The History of Mother’s Day

10 May 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it might be nice to honor all those mothers out there with a deeper look into the traditions of mothers day and where it all started. Celebrations of mothers dates hundreds of years. Greeks and Romans…