Author: Lauren Rose

Animals & Your Anxiety

10 Sep 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance, Coping Skills

I would like to announce I am a happy dog parent to a special 10-year-old french bull dog named Cooper. His human mom passed away not too long ago, and the family was in desperate need of finding a new permanent home for him. French…

Internet Use: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

10 Jul 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

It’s Saturday morning and I have a blank slate. I’m sipping some coffee. MTV’s show Ridiculousness is on in the background. I work best with background noise, although I have to admit I hate the show. I discuss with my husband some thoughts for my…

Father’s Day Across the World

10 Jun 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

You had to know it was coming. It’s like you’re psychic! I wrote about Moms last month and this month its about the Dads. Dads are just as important as moms, so I did some research into how Father’s Day is celebrated around the world….

Spring Break — good or bad idea?

10 Apr 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

“So where did you go when you were in school, Lauren?” My coworker, and undergraduate student worker asked me a few months before Spring Break occurred. I work at a university. I hear all the “cool” conversations; where the cool bars are; what’s going on…

Fiening Spring Cleaning?

10 Mar 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

March is a fun month – we get to look forward to warmer weather, St. Patrick’s Day, and March Madness. I’m not a huge basketball fan, but this month I will be, as my alma mater will be playing in the A-10 and NCAA tournements…

Be YOUnique

10 Feb 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

This month, we have an extra day attached! Every four years we get to revel in this phenomenon that we don’t even understand! College students hold leap year parties, bloggers find an excuse to write about “leaping into a new/good year” (hey, now! This blog…

You have to REALLY relax on vacation

10 Jan 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

So it’s January. It’s after Christmas, after New Years… you’re back to work… you hopefully had some time off. Can you say you’re excited to be back at work? Is your life style back on track in a healthy manner? Don’t worry, I won’t make…

The Holiday Season Around the World

10 Dec 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

As i sit here writing this blog, and thinking about a great first sentence… “with only 15 days left until Christmas…” I physically stop what I’m doing to drop my mouth in astonishment at how fast this month has passed and wonder how it’s possible…