Author: Lauren Rose

From SAD to GLAD!

10 Mar 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Wow, how many inches of snow did we get this winter? 42 inches? That is the height of a small child. Let’s hope the snow is really done this year, as we are slowly seeing temperatures rising (knock on wood!) and we are getting more…

A Faux Pas on February 14th?

10 Feb 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

It’s every single person’s favorite time of the year… February! And I’m not just talking about the whole month, I’m talking about one, specific day that even if it is not highlighted in your calendar, you’ll know exactly what your plans are for that day….

Back-From-Break Blues

10 Jan 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Back-from-break blues? SAME. I feel your pain. Nothing says, “Good morning Lauren, are you ready to jump back into reality?” more than a late alarm, cold shower, missing shoes, missing keys, broken heat, and unpaid bills. That is what I woke up to Monday morning…

Ring in the New Year with some Holiday Charity

10 Dec 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

95.4% of households give to charity. I am actually very happy with this number, and I fall into this percentage. Ever since I was young, my mom was always very insistent on volunteering during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s not that the other…

Confess the Stress

10 Nov 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

With the holiday season beginning, crowds are beginning to form in stores, lines begin to get longer, and the food stores always seem to be out of exactly what you need. It’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving, and not too far behind, Christmas, but what…

Succeed in your Sixties

10 Oct 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Let’s begin this blog with a very blunt, but true statement: Being over 60 means you are a “senior citizen.” Accept it. Did I say it was a bad thing? Do you think it is a bad thing? You better not! Embrace being over 60,…

FUN in your fifties!

10 Sep 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Dating in your 50s should be as wonderful as it was to date in your 20s. And it certainly can be, if you allow it. Many 50 year olds, who enter the dating world, find themselves there for the first time in many years. It…

Flourishing in the Fourties

10 Aug 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

40 is the new 30, and 40-somethings everywhere will agree, when better to jump back into the dating pool then at 40. It seems to me that someone who dates in their 40s get the best of both worlds. They get to date, which is…

Thriving in the Thirties

10 Jul 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

As a twenty-something year old, it’s a bit difficult for me to describe my personal experience dating in my thirties. I had to tap into a good amount of research mixed with questions and interviews with thirty-somethings. And it seems to me that dating and…

Dating in College

10 Jun 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

  Something new for the young adults of this generation: the idea of “hooking up,” which has no clear stages or descriptions, and does not always leads to a romantic relationship or dating. The generations have moved away from “going steady” and have gravitated toward…