Spring Life List

10 Feb 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

I’m sure you are familiar with bucket lists. You may have a bucket list of your own, or may know someone who does. You may not have an “official” bucket list, but maybe you have one sketched in your memory. That’s how I think of…

Paying Our Dues

10 Jan 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Recently, my best friend Katelyn confided in me that she had decided to switch careers and industries because for her, it seems like the best opportunity at this time. Her boss was understandably devastated, as she’s a hard worker and she’s been with the company…

What Inspires You?

10 Nov 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance, Gratitude

With the negativity I see every morning on the news, I wanted to write about something that inspires me. Too many times, I get caught up watching tv. I let it get to me. There’s sad stories, tragedies, scary stories, and I drive to work…