What’s It Like To Be An Introvert?

10 Jul 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

I have wondered if people really do understand what it means to be an introvert. Many times I find myself trying to explain why I don’t want to go out with employees after work or why I need some quiet time at a family party. Sometimes I…

How To Receive Bad News

10 Jun 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Receiving bad news is one of the worst feelings – it’s often unexpected; it can be damaging or life changing. When it happens, I can feel my throat get tight, and I try to swallow but I can’t. My stomach feels empty and drops, as if I’m…

Letting Go Of Friends Is Okay

10 May 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Have you ever grown apart from a friend, and realized you were grieving, as if it was an actual break-up? In the past, I’ve had to let go of close friendships for multiple reasons, and I found myself completely confused with the way it made me feel….

Love Is Work

10 Apr 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

As everyone knows, or hears, marriage is not always easy. Yes, there are so many easy, fun, and fulfilling parts of marriage, but there are equally, if not more times of differences, disagreements, and a whole lot of work. I’m no marriage expert, so I can only…

Anxiety & Asthma – Are they related?

10 Mar 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Like many Americans out there, I suffer from anxiety. Some people have a little bit of anxiety, while others have a lot. Mine is a consistent experience, mixed in with all the issues and situations I go through (or suffer through), situations that I attach my anxiety…

The Defense Against Getting Defensive

10 Feb 2019 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

There’s one aspect of my relationship with my husband that we have been working on since the day we got together, and that is “getting defensive.” I get defensive in conversations with my husband, I get defensive in conversations with my family, and I get defensive in…