The History of Mother’s Day

10 May 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it might be nice to honor all those mothers out there with a deeper look into the traditions of mothers day and where it all started. Celebrations of mothers dates hundreds of years. Greeks and Romans…

Daylight Savings Time

10 Feb 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Love it or hate it, it always visits twice a year. That’s right, it’s almost Daylight Savings Time. As a kid, I remember loving when we would get an extra hour in the fall – that meant an extra hour to sleep, an extra hour…

Paying Our Dues

10 Jan 2018 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Recently, my best friend Katelyn confided in me that she had decided to switch careers and industries because for her, it seems like the best opportunity at this time. Her boss was understandably devastated, as she’s a hard worker and she’s been with the company…