Adolescent Dating

10 Apr 2014 Posted by Lauren Rose in Adolescents, Feelings

Dating and relationships are important for all age groups. But sometimes we feel like others don’t understand our relationships because of age differences. I remember getting into arguments all the time with my mom about hanging out with boys or having a boyfriend. I felt…


20 Jan 2013 Posted by Susan V. Brewer in Balance, Coping Skills, Counseling, Feelings

I find that being honest for some people is very difficult. I do not believe that most people lie intentionally. I believe that sometimes they are so fearful of the outcome or hurting someone’s feelings that their impulse is to lie. Once they lie they…


20 Dec 2012 Posted by Susan V. Brewer in Balance, Coping Skills, Feelings, Self-Care

What can you say about stress? It feels like you can’t breathe sometimes and that you have to make quick decisions. When I am feeling overly stressed, I first try and figure out what is causing me stress and if there is something that I…