Posted by Susan V. Brewer in Balance, Coping Skills 05 Apr 2012

Most of struggle with change at some point in our lives. Change is relative to what is going on in our lives and what level of commitment we can make. It takes courage to change things about yourself that you may not like and a willingness to hear what others may have to say about you and your situation. My belief is as long as you are OPEN to change it is possible to CHANGE.

I read this quote on a card that I really liked:

“It is not how many doors are opened to you that counts, it is how many you are BRAVE enough to walk through.”

So be brave, be courageous and make the necessary changes that you need to make in your life to be happy, fulfilled or whatever it is that you are looking for in your life.

Change is never easy no matter what it is that you want to change in your life. Change requires that you make a decision in your life about something that it either really important to you personally or something someone else wants from you. Change is scary for most people because there is an unknown to what the outcome will be. It is much easier to stay where you are even if you do not like it because it is familiar and comfortable. Once you decide that you need to change you need to figure out if you need support from others and how you will ask for that support as well as what will that change mean for you in all areas of your life. It is important to have a clear understanding of the impact that this change will have for you in your life both positive and negative. The latter is usually related to others. While they want you to change they also will have to change and they may not be ready to look at themselves. It can be helpful to talk to friends or a professional counselor or life coach to assist you in making the life changes that you desire.

Change is Good regardless of the outcome.

Change is knowing when you need to get unstuck and make decisions in your life that will make you feel better and reduce stress in your life. Change for some is about being assertive and asking for what you need in your relationships with others. Change can be saying NO to someone instead of YES ALL THE TIME. Change is about asking for help from others when you do not have the answers or you need support in your life. Change can be related to how we perceive things in our life and our need to have a more positive focused attitude rather than a gloom and doom or belief that things can’t change. By altering our attitudes and beliefs CHANGE is possible. Trust that you have the answers and start making the necessary changes in your life to create balance, prosperity harmony and happiness.

Susan V. Brewer

Susan V. Brewer is a Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist in the Upper Bucks County Area.  She graduated in 1987 from Kutztown University with a BS in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She became a Certified Life & Career Coach in June of 2006 and a Certified Relationship Coach in December of 2016. She specializes in adoption, codependency, relationship issues, substance abuse, self-esteem and life transitions. Her belief is “that all persons are truly greater than they think they are.”

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