Life in Balance

Building on Boundaries

10 May 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Following last month’s theme of boundaries, I think it might be interesting to focus on boundaries in today’s world. In the aforementioned editorial, a boundary is defined as “unofficial rules about what ‘should’ not be done; limits that define acceptable behavior. My most recent experience…

Cure Those Annoying Allergies

10 Apr 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

April showers bring May…. Allergies! At least for me they do! Let’s forget about the all-year-round allergies I was also blessed with (cats, dogs, feathers, dust, mildew, etc.) And let’s focus on what you are probably feeling during this April month: sneezing, water eyes, sniffling,…

From SAD to GLAD!

10 Mar 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Wow, how many inches of snow did we get this winter? 42 inches? That is the height of a small child. Let’s hope the snow is really done this year, as we are slowly seeing temperatures rising (knock on wood!) and we are getting more…

A Faux Pas on February 14th?

10 Feb 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

It’s every single person’s favorite time of the year… February! And I’m not just talking about the whole month, I’m talking about one, specific day that even if it is not highlighted in your calendar, you’ll know exactly what your plans are for that day….

Back-From-Break Blues

10 Jan 2015 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Back-from-break blues? SAME. I feel your pain. Nothing says, “Good morning Lauren, are you ready to jump back into reality?” more than a late alarm, cold shower, missing shoes, missing keys, broken heat, and unpaid bills. That is what I woke up to Monday morning…