Life in Balance

Boundaries and Relationships

10 Apr 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Feelings, Relationships, Self-Care

Setting boundaries is important, and it’s more than just saying “don’t say that” and “please don’t do that.” Setting boundaries is something we can do for ourselves; setting boundaries creates a line that we ask people to respect. It shows that we respect ourselves and…

Unsafe, unsound — Unhealthy Relationships

10 Feb 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

It’s unfortunate to admit, but I have experienced unhealthy relationships – friendships, boyfriends, and nothing ever ended well. I do wonder how much of the unhealthy relationship was my fault, and how much was the other person. Was I being too pushy? Too distant? Was…

New Year, New You

10 Jan 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

New Year New You. That’s pretty much the slogan I am seeing and hearing all over the internet, social media, tv, and radio. Commercials are trying to sell me everything that I don’t need. Here’s an elliptical for New You. Here’s a stainless steel 14…