Life in Balance

What Inspires You?

10 Nov 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance, Gratitude

With the negativity I see every morning on the news, I wanted to write about something that inspires me. Too many times, I get caught up watching tv. I let it get to me. There’s sad stories, tragedies, scary stories, and I drive to work…

Adoption Reunions: The Good & The Bad

10 Aug 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Continuing on the topic of adoption, I wanted to discuss what can happen when an adopted child and birth parent reunite. A birth parent and an adopted child can get in contact with one another in different ways, but this depends on the type of…

Birth Parents & Adoption

10 Jul 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Last month, I discussed the short term and long term issues experienced by adopted children. Today, I wanted to share some research and feedback based on the issues and feelings experienced by the birth parents who give their child up for adoption.   Based on…