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Adoption Reunions: The Good & The Bad

10 Aug 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Continuing on the topic of adoption, I wanted to discuss what can happen when an adopted child and birth parent reunite. A birth parent and an adopted child can get in contact with one another in different ways, but this depends on the type of…

Birth Parents & Adoption

10 Jul 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Last month, I discussed the short term and long term issues experienced by adopted children. Today, I wanted to share some research and feedback based on the issues and feelings experienced by the birth parents who give their child up for adoption.   Based on…

Boundaries and Relationships

10 Apr 2017 Posted by Lauren Rose in Feelings, Relationships, Self-Care

Setting boundaries is important, and it’s more than just saying “don’t say that” and “please don’t do that.” Setting boundaries is something we can do for ourselves; setting boundaries creates a line that we ask people to respect. It shows that we respect ourselves and…