Life in Balance

Hair-raising Halloween Traditions (boo!)

10 Oct 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

Do you ever wonder where traditions come from? Like who ever came up with the bright idea to make gingerbread houses out of icing, a milk carton, and candy that can spread all over the floor? Not only does the icing not stick well enough…

Animals & Your Anxiety

10 Sep 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance, Coping Skills

I would like to announce I am a happy dog parent to a special 10-year-old french bull dog named Cooper. His human mom passed away not too long ago, and the family was in desperate need of finding a new permanent home for him. French…

Internet Use: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

10 Jul 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

It’s Saturday morning and I have a blank slate. I’m sipping some coffee. MTV’s show Ridiculousness is on in the background. I work best with background noise, although I have to admit I hate the show. I discuss with my husband some thoughts for my…

Father’s Day Across the World

10 Jun 2016 Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance

You had to know it was coming. It’s like you’re psychic! I wrote about Moms last month and this month its about the Dads. Dads are just as important as moms, so I did some research into how Father’s Day is celebrated around the world….