“Getting Unstuck”


“Getting Unstuck”

Posted by Susan V. Brewer in Alcohol and Drugs, Balance, Coaching, Codependency, Coping Skills, Counseling, Feelings, Goal-Setting, Relationships, Self-Care 20 May 2017

This topic of feeling stuck and stagnant and unmotivated to change is a familiar conversation in my counseling and coaching sessions. It can be so frustrating to be in the same place (let’s just emotionally) month after month and even year after year having this desire to be somewhere else but you just can’t seem to be able to get where you want to go or do what you want to do. First you need to figure out why you are stuck? Are there circumstances in your life keeping you stuck? Are you someone who gives up easily when things don’t work out as quickly as you would like?
As far as I am concerned everything is a process and time and patience are crucial in us moving forward with our lives and getting unstuck. I always say that most of us have “would of’s” “could of’s” and “should of’s”…. and so when we are here in the present still feeling frustrated as to why we are not we really want to be we go back to WHY??? I believe that if we could have changed those things back then we would have but for whatever reason we were unable to change. So now in the present since we are sick and tired and don’t want to be stuck anymore, we will more than likely have a better chance of getting unstuck. Hopefully we will have a better understanding of why things didn’t work out and what we need to do now to make those changes.
The simple concept of losing weight. You know what you need to do simply eat less and better and exercise on a regular task. Yet here you are still feeling frustrated and hopeless that you can’t seem to get yourself on track. Most people in general feel overwhelmed by their lives with all the daily responsibilities of family, children, work ect. So the thought of having to get up and exercise even for only 15 minutes and plan a healthy lunch or dinner can seem impossible. Having to be mindful of everything that you eat and when you are going to find time to exercise with everything else going on in your life. Yikes!! Most of us are tired and lack the motivation to take better care of ourselves. Even though we know if would be in our best interest to lose weight and feel better about ourselves.
So the question becomes how do we get ourselves motivated and unstuck? We make a decision that the time is now and keep it simple. Take your time in deciding how many days a week or for how long you are going to exercise and get used to exercising. Once you start to exercise on a more regular basis you will start to feel better mentally and phsycially that you won’t allow yourself to have excuses. You will be able to get out of bed in the morning and even drag yourself out and say, “go for a walk or run you will feel better.” And in most cases you will feel so good about yourself for taking care of yourself. And in the end actually have more motivation which in turns creates a lifestyle change that will become a more natural process and you will start to look at food differently and say, “Hmmmm… should I be eating this?” NOPE…

Susan V. Brewer

Susan V. Brewer is a Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist in the Upper Bucks County Area.  She graduated in 1987 from Kutztown University with a BS in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She became a Certified Life & Career Coach in June of 2006 and a Certified Relationship Coach in December of 2016. She specializes in adoption, codependency, relationship issues, substance abuse, self-esteem and life transitions. Her belief is “that all persons are truly greater than they think they are.”

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