Hope and Gratitude

It is so important to never lose hope.  With it all things are possible.  Sometimes we don’t even realize it when we are knee deep in our own stuff that if we were just feeling a little bit hopeful about the situation and life in general that our spirits would be lifted.  Hope doesn’t necessarily change everything but it helps us to feel less overwhelmed and trusting in the universe or God or whatever it is that we believe in.  Gratitude follows in line with hope.  With hope brings gratitude that our life is ours to live.  We are responsibility for our happiness not anyone else.  We need to grateful for what and who we have in our life regardless of whether or not it is negative.  I believe that our life experiences serve a purpose for us to learn and grow and become the best person we can be.  Hope and gratitude are essential to live and breathe and make life seem less complicated.  So trust and believe in your journey with all the hope and gratitude you can muster up!!!

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