“This the Year!”


“This the Year!”

Posted by Susan V. Brewer in Balance, Coping Skills, Counseling, Feelings, Goal-Setting, Gratitude, Relationships, Self-Care 20 Feb 2017

So here we are in February of 2017 and the big question is, “Is this the year?” I realize that it has only just begun; however, it is important to have at least a thought about what changes you would like to make this year. It does not really matter too much if you haven’t written down your goals per say or for that matter the steps you were going to take to achieve these goals/changes in your life. First and foremost is that you have “thoughts” about things that you want to be different in your life. Eventually you will write them down and begin to take action.
My new year did not start off very well with a sudden death of a close friend. I have been grieving and was in and still am in a state of shock. I am someone who looks for meaning in the things that happen in my life and around my life. I know intellectually that accidents happen and people close to me will die. However emotionally it feels so much deeper than that to me. He was so young and so close to my age that looking at my own mortality is not very comforting. Yet in a strange way it becomes an opportunity for me to look at how I am living my life.
I look at my relationships with my husband, my family and my friends and I say to myself, “Am I happy?” “Is there anything else I could be doing to have more happiness in these relationships?” “Are these friendships still good for me?” “Do I want to be closer to anyone else in my life?” I value the love that I have for my husband, my family and my friends. I don’t want to ever lose them. Yet it can happen. So, my goal is to continue to foster these relationships and spend as much time with those that I love and enjoy spending time with so that I don’t have any regrets and I can experience more joy and peace in my life. That is what I want for me in this area of my life.
I look at my career and my private practice and say, “Is there anything else I can be doing to feel as though I am making a difference in the lives of my clients?” “Is there another purpose to what I am doing with my work?” The answer for me is to take more risks and get out of my comfort zone. I have had a lot of great ideas of how I want to expand my practice; however, have not pursued it for one reason or another. So I have already made plans. I am excited about this new opportunity for me in my work.
I without a doubt want to experience more of life. I want to go on the trips that I don’t make time for because something else gets in the way. The problem for most of us is that life gets in the way. We have other responsibilities that interfere with the trips, lunches, dinners or weekend getaways. My hope is that I will cherish even more than I already do the people in my life and that I will truly be more present in these relationships. I believe that everything in our life happens for a reason and it is our responsibility to find out what that is so we can have the things we want in our lives.
Despite the loss, I am feeling in my life right now, I am excited about what opportunity I have to enhance my life and my relationships with others. I am truly blessed. May all of you say, “Is this the year?” and make it “Your Year”!!

Susan V. Brewer

Susan V. Brewer is a Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist in the Upper Bucks County Area.  She graduated in 1987 from Kutztown University with a BS in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She became a Certified Life & Career Coach in June of 2006 and a Certified Relationship Coach in December of 2016. She specializes in adoption, codependency, relationship issues, substance abuse, self-esteem and life transitions. Her belief is “that all persons are truly greater than they think they are.”

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