“Love Who You Are”

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“Love Who You Are”

Posted by Susan V. Brewer in Balance, Coaching, Codependency, Coping Skills, Counseling, Fear, Feelings, Goal-Setting, Relationships, Self-Care 23 May 2018

I picked this topic because I believe that in general a fair amount of people do not love themselves or a matter of fact value themselves. I always talk about how I feel some of us are too hard on ourselves that we don’t give ourselves any slack for what we do and especially what we do for others. And I feel because we have different rules for ourselves it makes it difficult to be human therefore to love who we are. Often, I believe we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and hold ourselves to higher standards so that feeling of not doing enough creeps it ugly head around the corner.
Because all too often if you feel you are not doing enough you then start to question who you are and wonder “Am I okay?” Also, the more burden you feel and the more overwhelmed you feel about yourself the more sometimes you will question yourself. So, the task of loving who you are is about knowing who you are: your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your values, opinions and beliefs, what you are passionate about, things that upset you, how you managing your feelings and so on. All of these things comprise YOU!!
By knowing the good and the bad you can make choices and decisions for yourself. Even if you begin to compare yourself to others. When you can stand in your own truth that is loving yourself. None of us are perfect. Hopefully we can look at ourselves with compassion not perfection. By no means am I saying this is easy especially when you may in be a situation where you are trying to make major decisions and others opinions are affecting you from trusting yourself and knowing who you are however who you are and what you believe is all that matters.
You can be understanding of others opinions and hear what they have to say but ultimately it is up to you to be able to say and know that What I think is of value, that I am of value therefore I love me. I am aware that saying these things may sound strange but it can be so helpful when you are feeling conflicted about your relationships and when trying to make choices and decisions.
So, when you are in a space of questioning yourself and judging yourself because of who you are, stop and take a deep breath and say, “I know me, I am a good person and I love me!!”

Susan V. Brewer

Susan V. Brewer is a Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist in the Upper Bucks County Area.  She graduated in 1987 from Kutztown University with a BS in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She became a Certified Life & Career Coach in June of 2006 and a Certified Relationship Coach in December of 2016. She specializes in adoption, codependency, relationship issues, substance abuse, self-esteem and life transitions. Her belief is “that all persons are truly greater than they think they are.”

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