All counseling clients are assessed regarding level of functioning, behavioral issues, social and communication skills, mental status, self-esteem and family history. If this assessment indicates that the client would be better served by another professional or agency, Susan will facilitate an appropriate referral.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment followed by recommendations and appropriate referral for treatment to fulfill legal requirements as a result of underage drinking charges or drug related offenses and/or family concerns about a loved one.


Focuses on the client’s individual needs, helps them to develop a stronger sense of self, and to explore relevant issues in order to achieve personal growth. Addresses issues of codependency, substance abuse/dependence, recovery issues, interpersonal conflicts, life issues etc. Individual, couples or group services available.

Young Women’s Group (Ages 18-27)

Focuses on finding direction in life and fulfillment in relationships with others through identification of life goals, setting limits and boundaries, improving self-worth and creating a life plan. Issues are explored in a safe, nurturing, supportive and confidential setting.

Life Coaching

Supports identification and achievement of personal and/or professional goals as part of self-actualization. Employs mentoring, values clarification, behavior modification, goal-setting, brainstorming, role playing and other techniques to help clients through transitions and over hurdles. Helpful when you have a change that you want to make or if life presents a change with which you are struggling, i.e., divorce, death, or downsizing. Your coach encourages you and holds you accountable so that you follow through on each step.

Career Coaching

Clients are helped to find a new career path, get a new job, or improve balance between their work and personal lives. Appropriate for anyone who feels they aren’t where they belong in their work life. Empowers identification of a fulfilling career path and supports that goal through each step