Spring Life List


Spring Life List

Posted by Lauren Rose in Balance, Coaching, Coping Skills, Fear, Feelings, Goal-Setting, Relationships, Self-Care 10 Mar 2018

I’m sure you are familiar with bucket lists. You may have a bucket list of your own, or may know someone who does. You may not have an “official” bucket list, but maybe you have one sketched in your memory. That’s how I think of my “bucket list.” I never remember everything I put on it, but when I see something cool or interesting, I say to myself, “I’m going to put that on my bucket list.” But what exactly is a bucket list? What is it supposed to accomplish?

There’s a great article in Psychology Today that talks about bucket lists and how we should “revamp” them, if you will. Just the other day, I heard a coworker saying that making it to the Olympics would be on their bucket list. Has the idea of a bucket list moved from accomplishable goals to more difficult goals? I’m not saying that my coworker will never make it to the Olympics, but it is a far stretch. I wonder if our idea of a bucket list has changed a little bit. This article in Psychology Today suggests we should call our lists “life lists” instead, to remind us of the big goals and the smaller goals. These “life lists” should be the place that we list realistic goals that will better us as humans, friends, spouses, parents, and employees.

Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a bucket list. I just think that for me, personally, I’d like to mentally keep track of two lists: a bucket list for crazy ideas and a life list for encouraging ideas. Each person is different, so maybe your life list and bucket list are the same thing, or both list the same goals, which is great. For now, I’ll keep my lists separate, and really spend time thinking about where each goal should be recorded. Become the Queen of England? That would be kind of cool and I would hope that I would have a british accent to go along with it, but a little difficult to be confident in accomplishing – so I will place that on my bucket list for now…

Here’s some things on my Spring Life List:

  • Run a 5k (only if it’s a fun one like an obstacle course or bouncy air-filled obstacles or a run where I can dress up!)
  • Read more (preferably around 1 book per month; I have to stop making excuses and find the time)
  • Learn how to play golf (my husband may cry if he reads this – he’s been dying for me to learn)
  • Travel to one new state (I have my eye on Rhode Island, it’s so close and yet I’ve never been there)
  • Invest in a hobby (besides reading, I tend to be a fairly boring human; I’m hoping to take up rock climbing)

You may be reading my list and thinking about how easy or boring my goals are. But to be honest, I have tried to accomplish these things before with no luck, so they are definitely a challenge for me. One reason I don’t always accomplish goals is because I make up excuses: I have homework. I have work-work. I have to go to the gym. I have to catch up on a Netflix show. I have to make dinner. I have to do the laundry. I have to go food shopping. Yes, many times I do have to do those things (especially when we are completely out of toilet paper and tooth paste!), but they are just excuses. I remind myself that if I really cared about my goals and I was really confident and unafraid, I would find the time to work toward them.

You may also be wondering how my Life List will “better me as a human” (per my own words). I think most of my goals come from a lack of confidence. Running a 5k is difficult for me (yes, yes, I have asthma) and I’m afraid I may not be able to complete the run. Rock climbing and golf scare me because I have never indulged in either activity. What if I’m bad at it? These goals are difficult for me (in my head) because I’m lacking some confidence in myself. It’s not easy to step outside my comfort zone and tell myself that I want to push through anyway, but I know that if I do, I’ll be a better version of myself. Similarly, reading and traveling more are things that I absolutely need to find the time to do. It’s very difficult for me to live in the moment; I’m always thinking about what needs to happen tomorrow or worrying about what needs to get done next week- and I rarely allow myself to enjoy a moment. For this reason, I would absolutely benefit from more reading – something I love to do; something calming. And I think I would benefit from some more traveling because when I do travel, I tend to control the trip with plans and directions and references. But I’d be really “living in the moment” if I traveled somewhere new with no plans and just explored; forcing myself to be in that current moment.

It is a short list, but trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks, for me anyway. It is just the Spring. Maybe by the summer I will have a whole new Life List. Maybe my Life List will change, or be exactly the same. We will just have to wait a few months to find out. In the meantime, what’s on your Spring Life List?

Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose is a talented writer and an aspiring novel author. She graduated from Saint JosephÂ’s University in 2013 with an English degree and double minored in Sociology and Communications. She is pursuing her Master's in Writing Studies at St. Joseph's University. She works as an Advisor for Graduate Business students @ St. Joseph's University.

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