“Since I have been seeing Susan, I am now able to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. My life is so much better because she has shown me how to ask for what I want and need without feeling guilty about it or that I am deserving of it. I am less angry. I have hope that I can change and be happy. I may have to work a little harder with some behaviors that I covet, but with Susan’s support I can make those changes. I am a much better person. I have learned how to forgive myself and love myself.” – Maria


“When I think of Susan, words can not express how she has helped me on my journey, and the gratitude I feel for all of her guidance. The quote I like is by Maya Angelou: “We are living art created to hang on, stand up, forbear, continue and to encourage others.” Without her encouragement and genuine caring for me and my well-being, I would not be as strong as I am.” – Elizabeth


“Susan is one of those special people who help you along the way in your journey in life. She shows you the different paths you can choose or not choose. What I always appreciated was her honesty and how she could make me look at my life from a different perspective. I liked being able to see the whole picture, it created clarity and balance for me. I learned how to be accountable and responsible for my decisions which was a new concept for me. I liked to go around the truth it was all I knew before counseling. Because of Susan I have been able to get honest and understand my thinking and behaving and eventually let things go and move on with my life without regret.” – Diane


“Words can not express how lucky I have been to have Susan in my life during a difficult journey in life with my son who was addicted to opiates. I would not be the strong person I am without her guidance. I thank God every day for having her to talk to. I am very blessed because of that. Susan has such a gift with words that she speaks and the compassion and kindness she shares.” – Caitlyn


“Susan changed my life and how I see it. When I am going through a hard time I think of her and what she would say to me and I feel her support to help me. I am grateful for her passion and commitment in helping me. I am a better person because of her.” – Stacey


“Susan was able to recognize my hidden cry for help. By coaching and counseling me she helped me to understand character and emotion. I was able to achieve a sense of well-being, an internal calm, that I didn’t know existed. I leave my session knowing that there is a purpose and meaning to every action and reaction in my relationships with myself and others.”– Mike T.


“Because of Susan I have accomplished things I never would have dreamed possible. I realize that I have worth and that I can accomplish the impossible. Her counsel was a huge part of the man, spouse, father, son and recovering person I am becoming.”– Ben F.


“Susan listens and helps people in a way they want to be helped. She became my inspiration to overcome obstacles, to believe in myself and above all to never give up. I found strength and wisdom to face my fears and live my life with self-acceptance and confidence.”– Molly S.


“Susan taught me to find myself, to love myself unconditionally without fear and judgments and to feel worthy. She kept me focused and grounded on the issues I needed to work on in my life.”– Barb F.