I have been a counselor for over twenty years. I strongly believe in what I do and feel I do a pretty good job. What I like to give my clients is a sense of hope and accomplishment, so they can feel better about themselves and believe that their lives can be whatever they want it to be. So many of us struggle with the expectations that we place on ourselves and others which inevitably set us up to fail. We often do not live up to them and do not realize that our expectations may be unrealistic within the context of the situation. Once we learn about ourselves and how we think, feel, and interact with others, we can look at each person and situation and know if our expectations are realistic or unrealistic. We still may experience some mild disappointments; however we will be able to put it in perspective and not take it personally.

The topics that I have written about are areas in which I counsel and coach my clients. Most of my twenty year experience has been with addictions and co-dependency issues. Self-esteem is a natural adjunct to these two topics because most people afflicted with addiction or who live or know someone who is addicted suffer from low self-worth and a lack of confidence. It is part of the recovery process to teach them how to forgive and learn to like themselves so that they can live a life of balance.

Gambling has become a serious problem and can potentially create significant family, social, financial and interpersonal conflicts. It is considered to be a disease and with treatment and twelve step involvement, one can learn how to manage their finances and personal life and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Career coaching is an area that I have been also specializing in it for the past six years. I have found that many people are unhappy with their jobs and the direction in which they are going. I support them in finding their way with either a new career or job change.